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Personal Trainer Chelsea is the Personal website of Mitchell , the Number One Personal Trainer in Chelsea and Founder of MitchFitness Personal training systems that covers areas inside of London


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Mitchell is a fitness professional of personal trainer Chelsea which is a subsidiary of Mitch fitness. He is a qualified personal training expert, with more than 16 years of experience having trained and designed optimum performance programs for people of all ages and conditions, from beginners, intermediate and advanced, specializing in the fields of weight loss, body toning exercises, sports – specific, bodybuilding and general fitness. He is also an author who has written a book on the physiology of weight loss success, and have written many articles concerning this particular subject.

Looking For A Personal Trainer in Chelsea to reach your Shape and Health goal ?

Here at personal trainer Chelsea, the top personal trainer in Chelsea and founder of Mitch Fitness, I specialize in gym and mobile personal training in Chelsea and the surrounding areas.

What you can expect from Personal Trainer Chelsea

  • Experience fast weight loss
  • A slim waistline
  • Six pack abs
  • A more toned and attractive body
  • A 30 day get well to health programme
  • Bigger and tighter muscles
  • Powerful and motivational mindset strategies to reach your goal.
  • Guaranteed results



At Personal Trainer Chelsea, our main specialty is fat loss and motivation. We are expects in this. Having spent over 18 years trying and developing some of the best fat burning routines, that are second to none. If you are looking to burn fat fast, then try some of our FANTASTIC FAT BURNING ROUTINES RIGHT NOW  by calling Mitch on:

                   07875 508603

The fat burning programs that we have are for people who are fed up of carrying excess body fat, and who want to do some think about it NOW. Being a personal trainer in Chelsea,  it is about showing you the right type of training strategies and to provide powerful motivation. Start with us on a Monday, and by Saturday, see the pounds melt and disappear. Stay on the right path and track, for up to 30 days, and see and discover massive benefits shape and health wise.


A happier life happens when we start becoming who we really are and are supposed to be right at the very core of our hearts and soul. It occurs when we achieve the things that we really want to achieve in our lives. It is very common for most of us who have weight gain issues to be really unhappy about this. The solution and the opposite for one to be happy in this particular area of our lives, is to achieve the total opposite which is weight loss. We must do all that we can to achieve this. To try and try until we succeed. Never to quit and never to give up.



We have only one body and one life. Lets invest wisely on our bodies for a longer life. Without the body then there is no life. Lets make it more beautiful, lets make it more stronger, and lets make it more healthier. It is time to create a long term and lasting vision for our shape and health.





YouTube Preview ImageHi,my name is Ashley, I live in finchely(London). I am a management consultant. I have been exercising with Mitchell for the last couple of years.Its been really helpful for me. Has a management consultant I do not get that much exercise during the week but with Mitchell, I find that I get that right balance of doing all the exercises that I need to do to keep me relatively fit and pushing me so that I am constantly feeling that I am moving on. Its been really helpful, thank you.

YouTube Preview Image
Hi my name is Susan. I work in television. I have been working out with Mitchell since 2001. We workout at least twice a week, and even when I miss it for a few weeks, we always manage to get back into a routine. I like the consistency of the programme and the fact that we can adopt it to work on specific bits of the body. I have been doing it for more than ten years and I would recommend it to anybody. So come on get fit with Mitchell.

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Hi my name is Aby. I live in finchely in London. I have been working with Mitch for almost seven to eight months now. And when I started I was about 95 kilos. I lost about a kilo a week. We got down to 74 kilos, he pushes you to the limits. You will be sweating and it is really worth while. I did it three times a week, for 90 minutes. It was a workout that was really intense and it really makes a difference, and I would definitely recommend it for anybody who would like to lose weight as well as just keeping your energy up for your work.

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Mr and Mrs Greystock, Lawyer and head mistress.
I want to tell you about Mitch Okotie and what a fantastic trainer he is. We have been with Mitch now for eleven years, and I must tell you that we get up every morning and is grateful to him. He is a careful and considerate trainer. We always feel safe with him, and frankly, many thanks, we recommend him to anybody.
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Hello, my name is Sangeeta Datta. I live in Hampstead in London(Uk). I run my own film production company and I also teach at the university.I have been training with Mitchell now for many years, at least four to five years. When I first started with him I suddenly felt a definite change because I lost a lot of weight.That helped for motivation. My work takes me out to travel a lot, but when I am here I continue with my fitness regime with Mitchell. That is really good for fitness, for confidence, and a general sense  of uplifting. It is good to have this training with Mitchell.



                            07875 508603


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