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Personal Trainer Chelsea,my name is Ashley, I live in finchely(London). I am a management consultant. I have been exercising with Mitchell for the last couple of years.Its been really helpful for me. Has a management consultant I do not get that much exercise during the week but with Mitchell, I find that I get that right balance of doing all the exercises that I need to do to keep me relatively fit and pushing me so that I am constantly feeling that I am moving on. Its been really helpful, thank you.

Hi my name is Aby. I live in finchely in London. I have been working with Mitch for almost seven to eight months now. And when I started I was about 95 kilos. I lost about a kilo a week. We got down to 74 kilos, he pushes you to the limits. You will be sweating and it is really worth while. I did it three times a week, for 90 minutes. It was a workout that was really intense and it really makes a difference, and I would definitely recommend it for anybody who would like to lose weight as well as just keeping your energy up for your work

Hi my name is Susan. I work in television. I have been working out with Mitchell since 2001. We workout at least twice a week, and even when I miss it for a few weeks, we always manage to get back into a routine. I like the consistency of the programme and the fact that we can adopt it to work on specific bits of the body. I have been doing it for more than ten years and I would recommend it to anybody. So come on get fit with Mitchell.

Mr and Mrs Greystock, Lawyer and head mistress.
I want to tell you about Mitch Okotie and what a fantastic trainer he is. We have been with Mitch now for eleven years, and I must tell you that we get up every morning and is grateful to him. He is a careful and considerate trainer. We always feel safe with him, and frankly, many thanks, we recommend him to anybody.

Hello, my name is Sangeeta Datta. I live in Hampstead in London(Uk). I run my own film production company and I also teach at the university.I have been training with Mitchell now for many years, at least four to five years. When I first started with him I suddenly felt a definite change because I lost a lot of weight.That helped for motivation. My work takes me out to travel a lot, but when I am here I continue with my fitness regime with Mitchell. That is really good for fitness, for confidence, and a general sense  of uplifting. It is good to have this training with Mitchell.


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