From my experience of being a personal trainer in London, having trained thousands of people, over the course of fifteen years, lose weight and achieve shape and health SUCCESS, most people who have the goal of losing weight, are generally more motivated and full of energy during the period of May, June, July up until October. Because the weather is not too cold and is sometimes, warm or hot, most people are motivated to get on track and stay on track, dieting, exercising and doing all that they can to achieve their weight loss and shape goals. When it starts to become colder from the month of November, when the day gets darker quicker like for example 3.34 pm in the afternoon, that’s when most peoples motivation and enthusiasm starts to decrease and eventually go down the drain. That is when most of us comfort eat, because eating and drinking, weather good or bad provides us with a lot of love and comfort. If you are reading this post at the moment, and deep inside of you, you really want to lose weight, but you really feel depressed about the bad season, I would like you to look at the bright side of your situation. Accept the fact that you cannot do anything about the weather. Take into consideration that if you keep on eating and drinking what is bad, you will surely but steadily put on weight which may make you to feel the following negatives :

1. I feel really stressed.

2. I feel really heavy and bloated.

3. I feel tired and demotivated most of the time.

4. I feel depressed : ( Because i feel that i am ruining myself.

5. I really hate my shape.


I am going to give you the the following advice. If you feel any of the following negatives that i have mentioned because of the fact that you are not exercising and eating and drinking in the right way, decide RIGHT NOW from the beginning of January  the 5th, 2015, that you are going to CHANGE your SHAPE and HEALTH for the BEST : )  Also decided that you are not going to go into the NEW YEAR feeling any of those negatives, and this year coming is going to be a better year for you SHAPE and HEALTH wise : ) Also get inspired and be connected to somebody ( A personal trainer ) or Shape and health conscious people that will help you to move forth and achieve.




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